from SX2 to C6.5 shortcuts...


I just upgraded from SX2 to 6.5. What a big leap!
I am using cubase for more than 15years and I have my habits for shortcuts & behaviours.

Everything is fine in the new version but there is 1 thing which makes me mad.

When you open the audio event editor, in VST, SX & SX2 I used to duplicate event by : (select tool)ctrl+click+drag+drop >>> duplicate (easy)

Now in C6.5 since you press ctrl you’ve got the play-tool automatically displayed, and I am unable to deactivate this feature in the shortcut menu.

So, how can I use the classic ctrl+click+drag+drop to duplicate events in the audio event editor?

thanks in advance, I would really appreciate your help.



Different strokes for copy and dragging to the same position. Drop the ctrl for free-hand dropping.

That’s not that easy but will do the job.