From the Fire

Wrote this with guitarist Denny Jiosa, we got a movie cut with it…Written for a very spiritual scene in front of a fire in movie. it hasn’t been released yet but hopefully soon. We also might have another pickup on it, wish us luck. I wanted to share but might have to pull it down in a couple days cause of publishing thing :frowning:

John Santos plays Percussion on it, John (Juan Carlos Santos) is great musician and really helped us set the mood.

Very nice, best wishes with it. Guitar player sounds like Carlos Santana. Must have been very nice to play with him.

Nice programming. Which library did you use to get that solo guitar sound?

I am too funny today.

Tasty playing. Santana/Carlton/Metheny spinning in my head.

Another great piece of music, Kenny!
Nice guitar playing by John. Santana meets Gilmour. :sunglasses:

Best of luck with it.


John Santos is the Perc player, He is a great on perc, drums, vocals and Bass… John’s father was one of the original Buena Vista Social Club members. It is a ton of fun to hear the stories of Juan’s childhood. Coming from Cuba then his father getting him the gigs on drums with Celia Cruz as a teenager is crazy…We have played a lot together but I am really happy to have finally gotten to record with him. Denny is a great guitarist who reminds me of Beck, Metheny and especially wes montgomery. Good call arimus…

Its nice to not have to program 1 keyboard, one percussionist, one guitarist and you are done (no bass player there that day lol)


It sounds great and there are some great licks in there.