"From The Podium"

A recent production for my regular client Matt. The intention for this tune is a submission for “Anthem In Black” - a collection of winning songs by local songwriters to accompany the NZ olympic team to London next year.

Grandad - sung by Roger
Grandaughter - sung by Holly
Lyrics, melody & Guitars - Matt Young
All the other stuff… :sunglasses:

From The Podium

Sounds like a good production to me, Ian! :smiley:
I enjoyed that

Great work! :wink:

Well, I like “all the other stuff”… nice job!

Hi Ian,

I think your production has all the right acoutrements of the genre.
Very convincing/persuasive vocal deliveries. Great work from the performers
and the producer.

Not sure the song itself is particularly strong. The verses are good, but I thought the hook
was weak lyrically and melodically. Can’t imagine that line being sung in a stadium
with much effect, it’s just not anthemic.

Ac.gtr has some intonation problems over the first verse.

cool and interesting project, very convincing call and reply on the vocals. ya well done

Thanks for the listens and comments, I’ll pass them onto Matt. :sunglasses:

And, Matt just received this from the NZ Olympic Comittee marketing boss today:

Matt I just listened to this – it is truly fantastic, thank you so much for creating an amazing story. I have a tear in my eye, your daughter is a huge talent please pass on our sincere appreciation for what she has done. It is beautiful Matt.

In the office with me right now is a guy called Ben Sanford he is a winter Olympic Athlete in skeleton and I just made him listen to it as well – we are in awe. I am seeing Mike this afternoon and will have a chat to him – what a very cool concept mate I love it.

The Mike referred to is the one behind the “Anthem In Black” projects (also a former Split Enz bass player).


Very nice, Ian,
Great production. :sunglasses:

Holly’s got a beautiful voice!


Hey, Ian. How goes it? Not too thrilled with the performance of her first verse. Dissonance at the end. Grandpa’s first verse seems a little screwy, also. The rest seems ok. :sunglasses:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Cheers also Wim :smiley:
We had actually considered the idea of a 3rd voice for the last part sung by Holly - an older woman to reflect the grown-up grandaughter singing the latter part, but in the end I think Holly did ok as the young and the older grandaughter :slight_smile: And, it may have sounded odd introducing another voice anyway… ?

Oh? What did you think was screwy with Grandpa? The intention was that his first verse was more of a narrartive, i.e. spoken as opposed to sung. Is this what you are referring to Nate?

Thanks for the feedback guys. :sunglasses: Interesting nobody mentioned/asked about the bagpipes - I thought they might have prompted some level of inquiry… :nerd:

Hiya, Ian. Spoken words still have pitch. :wink: Don’t know if it was that or the meter I had an issue with. Can’t listen again, her voice grates a nerve, so I can’t be more specific. Glad alls going well with the studio. :sunglasses: