From where does Cubase recreate Settings?

I’ve been trying desperately to change the Generic Remote 3.xml file that contains the commands used by my Novation LaunchPad Mini [mk3], but Cubase keeps overwriting it with a completely different xml-file.

Things I’ve tried:
Action: Use the Import/Apply functions within Studio Setup to load my xml-file
Result: Cubase does not change any of the data within Generic Remote 3 – i.e., Import does absolutely nothing

Action: Delete Generic Remote 3 Device and Re-add a new one
Result: Cubase populates it with the wrong data and, per above, will not allow me to import the correct data!

Action: Manually replace Generic Remote 3.xml located in C:\Users<my name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64 with the correct file
Result: Cubase overwrites my file!

Action: Trash the entire Cubase 11_64 settings folder and replace with an archived copy
Result: Cubase still overwrites Generic Remote 3.xml!

So my question is, _from where is Cubase obtaining its copy of Generic Remote 3.xml, and how do I prevent it from doing thi_s?

I should mention that I do not want to re-enter all 64 lines comprising Generic Remote 3.xml since this took several hours to create. And this is particularly true given that I have a perfectly good copy of the code (and have verified via my xml editor that my copy of Generic Remote 3.xml contains all the correct data).


Could you share the XML file to be able to test it, please?

Hi Martin,

Here it is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Obj Select1760641271 Rng Select1760651271 Draw Tool1760661271 Erase Tool1760671271 Split Tool1760681271 Glue Tool1760691271 Mute Tool1760701271 Shape Tool1760711271 Fade In1760721271 Fade Out1760731271 Gain1760741271 Invert Phase1760751271 Normalize1760761271 Reverse1760771271 Silence1760781271 Stereo Flip1760791271 Mute1760801271 Solo1760811271 Listen1760821271 Read1760831271 Write1760841271 button61760851271 Deactivate Mute1760861271 Deactivate Solo1760871271 Proj Window1760881271 Mixer1760891271 Score View1760901271 List1760911271 Drum1760921271 Editor61760931271 Tempo Track1760941271 Markers1760951271 Visi Show All1760961271 Visi Show Selec1760971271 Visi Show Data1760981271 vis41760991271 vis517601001271 vis617601011271 Visi Show All Auto17601021271 Visi Hide All Auto17601031271 File New17601041271 Project Setup17601051271 AudioConns17601061271 PluginMgr17601071271 Studio Setup17601081271 setup717601091271 setup817601101271 Prererences17601111271 Mixer Meter Brige17601121271 Mixer Show Pre17601131271 Mixer Show Ins17601141271 Mixer Show Sends17601151271 Mixer Byp Ins17601161271 Mixer Byp Snds17601171271 Constrain Dly17601181271 Mixer Cl Plugs17601191271 Edit Chan Sett17601201271 Edit VST Instr17601211271 Marker Left17601221271 Marker Right17601231271 DOP17601251271 Pool17601261271 Export Audio17601271271 Inspector Next1760621271 Inspector Prev1760631271 ToolSelect Tool1 ToolRange Tool1 ToolDraw Tool1 ToolDelete Tool1 ToolSplit Tool1 ToolGlue Tool1 ToolMute Tool1 ToolCurve Tool1 ProcessFade In1 ProcessFade Out1 ProcessGain1 ProcessInvert Phase1 ProcessNormalize1 ProcessReverse1 ProcessSilence1 ProcessStereo Flip1 EditMute1 EditSolo1 EditListen1 EditRead1 EditWrite1 1 EditUnmute All1 EditDeactivate All Solo1 1 DevicesMixer1 EditorsOpen Score Editor1 EditorsOpen List Editor1 EditorsOpen Drum Editor1 1 ProjectOpen Tempo Track1 ProjectOpen Markers1 Channel & Track VisibilityShowAll1 Channel & Track VisibilityShowSelected1 Channel & Track VisibilityShowUsed1 1 1 1 AutomationShow All Used Automation1 AutomationHide All Automation1 FileNew1 ProjectSetup1 DevicesVST Connections1 DevicesPlug-in Manager1 DevicesSetup1 1 1 EditPreferences1 MixerShow/Hide Meter Bridge1 MixerViews: Filters/Gain1 MixerExpand: Inserts1 MixerExpand: Sends1 MixerBypass: Inserts1 MixerBypass: Sends1 1 MixerWindows: Close All Plug-Ins1 EditEdit Channel Settings1 EditEdit VST Instrument1 TransportLocate Previous Marker1 TransportLocate Next Marker1 Direct Offline ProcessingAdd Process1 ProjectOpen Pool1 FileExport Audio Mixdown1 InspectorOpen Next Section1 InspectorOpen Previous Section1


Could you share the source *.xml file, not its content, please?


I’ve tried to attach the file (both to the forum and via a PM), and both times I received the followiong error message:

“Invalid file extension: Cubase 11 Novation LaunchPad Mini Generic Remote 3.xml” .

I also tried zipping it, but that failed as well.

It’s easy to convert the text I posted to an XML-file: simply copy-and-paste it into an editor and save it with an “.xml” extension (or the equivalent on a Mac).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Are you still interested in this topic?

If yes, the source shown in your post above isn’t valid XML - so copying and pasting doesn’t work. Did you originally post it in the old forums? If yes, then the conversion to the new forum may have killed the XML formatting.

So, if you’re still interested in this topic, maybe try to ZIP and upload the XML file again?