From which Cubase synth to start with…

…for a complete synth programming newby?

Looks like you’re using Cubase Pro. It includes Retrologue 2 which is a pretty good sounding Virtual Analog synth.

It supports drag and drop for setting up modulation easily and quickly.

Here’s a YouTube playlist that might be helpful:
Overview of The Virtual Analog Synthesizer | Retrologue - YouTube

+1 on that suggestion from @Romantique_Tp. Retrologue 2 is a fantastic synth, and covers all the “classic” synth techniques/basics (oscillators, ADSR, filters, LFOs, etc.).

I too am 100% synth illiterate, I greatly appreciate the question and helpful answers. I don’t even know what sounds I want, except for some nebulous description like, “barely noticed background pads that fill out the sound some” :smile:

That new CS-80 synth we got for free … I’m guessing that’s nothing to play with for someone like me …

I look forward to checking out that vid! :blush:

I actually think that Voltage is an even better choice for you: same basic idea and sounds as Retrologue but even simpler in terms of layout. And it sounds great, too!

You’ll see it in HALion Sonic, if you have it. If not, then look at any of the Synth options you’ll find in the HALion Sonic SE Artist/Basic/Hybrid/Pro offerings. The Macro controls on the Edit window will give you a good taste of the absolutely most basic functions on a Synth: the Filter Section and the Amplifier Section. Playing around with these controls will get you more ready for when you move to a more richly appointed synth.


HI Romantique,
thank you for answering and thank you everybody who answered!
Yes I’m using Cubase Pro 11.5, so I have Retrologue 2 included and I tried it sometimes but with no method, thank you for the compilation link; I 'm a Don Sigalas follower and I like his teaching, I’ll watch these videos too for sure! :+1:t2:

HI FunkyMunky, I only have Halion SE but I think your advice definitely makes sense being at my level.

In the past I’ve read something here and there and I found very useful an Ableton tutorial website, Learning Synths, that I discovered as I also own Live 10 even if I quite exclusively use Cubase.

A lot to study, as usual!


There’s also a plugin called Syntorial.
It’s a plugin that functions sort of like a game, that should be very good at teaching synthesis.
Depends how you learn best.
Good thing is that you get to do the stuff it teaches. A great way of learning for many people.
Haven’t tried it myself, but want to at some point :slight_smile:

Hi TheJoker,
I’ve heard about it but, if I don’t go wrong, you can get the plugin if you buy the full Synthorial program so I would prefer to try something free, or that I own yet, before spending money, even I can guess Synthorial is a real help and I would like to try it in the future…