From XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit Cubase....advise?

Got a 64 bit mobo/cpu with Windows 7 finally and will be building a composite PC of new and former parts. My new PC will have Windows 7 on its own dedicated drive as the primary drive…my former primary will now be the secondary. Cubase 5 will be on there but, if I remember correctly, I still need to reinstall to get it into the registry. I will obviously be installing the 64 bit version. The former OS was also XP…so I feel like this is a pretty big leap which could be fraught with probs.

Are there other concerns I need to know of? What about my eLicenser? Will it detect a new mobo and give me problems or anything? Can I just install and go? Do I need to look into jbridge if I wanna run some 32 bit VST’s? Doesn’t Windows 7 have like an “XP Mode”?

Anyways…if there’s anyone thats been thru this feel free to chime in on tips/tricks…Im just gonna go for it and deal with issues as they arise otherwise.