Front/Back Wave Editing and Display Issue

In my version of Cubase 8, this feature is no longer available. I would like to know if it has been added back in the more current versions?

When more than one waveform are shown on the screen in Nuendo/Cubase 4, the underlying part (“back”) causes the area where it resides to show darker on the “Front” or exposed track, making it easy to know exactly where the alternate audio clips can be found. This makes it extremely fast to work with multiple takes to comp parts by using keyboard shortcuts to toggle the tracks from front to back.

When trying to edit this way in Cubase 8, the lined shadows move all over the place related to the “front” track selections, edits, etc… making it impossible to tell what’s going on underneath. In the Nuendo 4/ Cubase 5 version, the grey shadowing was stable and made it easy to know where the underlying material was located.

More basic explanation:

I can’t get the “back” waveform images to show as shadows on the “front” track on the newer version of Cubase/Nuendo.

I want to get the latest version but afraid I will be frustrated if this is not resolved. Should be an easy fix. I’ve been with you since Nuendo version 1 and sold a LOT of professional studios and producers on your product. Please help and keep me posted. Thanks, Bob Gentry

Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure I understand your use case 100%. If I do, there is the arrow down controller at the middle down, where you can send the Audio event front or back. You can also open Lanes.