Front pages

I’m quite happy with the default Master Pages in Engrave mode.
The one thing I want to do is add a costom made front page. I managed to use ‘insert page’ and ‘insert text frame’ etc.
Is it possible to save and load the format of this front page, so that my front pages look alike?

As for now, there are no template creations in Dorico, but you can save your file (save as…) and use it this way as a template.

If you design your front page as a master page, then it will be available in all layouts within the same project, which will save a bit of time compared to remaking it in each layout from scratch (assuming you want it to appear in more than one layout).

So, if I understand it well, you can create a custom master page, but only for use within the current project. This has benefits if you want all the parts (players) to have the same front page. I don’t mean to be smart, but it would be very convenient if you could save and load master pages. That way you could give every project the same look without designing the front pages repeatedly. By the way, I’m not getting to grips with master Page Sets yet. I do have to explore the concept of master pages some more. Confusing stuff.

Marc, saving a template file is good as starting point for new projects. When importing MusicXML files (witch I do to import all my older sibelius works) you cannot use a template…

Dear Gerrie,

You have a point. However, I think importing MusicXML files should improve in the next updates — I asked a while ago if it will be possible to import XML files as flows (which means several files into one Dorico file) and I have been replied this would happen in due course. Then it could be imported into a template file.
But I guess that, in due course, we will have “real” templates creation, AND improved master pages options !

Yeah, import XML into a new flow, that would make it possible to combine old pieces into one (named) project file! I guess it is a bit awkward to avoid dubble players/instruments when adding new players etc…