FRontier AlphaTrack

For Mac users there might be a fix. Posted on the Frontier forum by user okdaniel:

Sadly I don’t think there is a transfer of this fix to Windows.

Awesome news! Thanks for the heads up.

Here’s the post from Okdanial Frontier Forum:

First I went into Cubase and removed the Alphatrack in devices.
Then I closed/exited Cubase.
Go to /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components/
Right click on the AlphatrackCN.bundle file in there and choose “Show Package Contents”
You will see a folder named “Contents” – Double Click it to go inside.
Right click on the “Info.plist” file in there and open with Property List Editor.
Look down at the bottom and you will see a “Key” called “Resources should be file-mapped”
Look at the check box to the right of it (the “value”). Uncheck it.
Save and exit.
Go back into Cubase and re-add the Alphatrack in devices.
All done.
If anyone has trouble they can download the file here where I uploaded it:
Just place the downloaded file in your /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components/ folder and overwrite the existing file.
More info on the value change to “False” for the Key here: … eKeys.html
Happy clean exiting form Cubase in OSX – hope it works for everyone.

This solution appeared to work, but I got a crash on the 5th exit. Perhaps just coincidence that the first 4 went smoothly. Can’t be sure.

I think it’s possible that Steinberg have unwittingly fixed this in the 6.05 update.
On Windows I have closed it over a dozen times with no error.

Any other AT users seeing the same thing??

Note that the install will remove the AT from the controller list (or it did mine) so make sure you add it back before testing!

I started with Cubase update but have not had any problem with crashing or freezing. Perhaps it is fixed.

lolz, usually updates unintentionally break things, not fix them :laughing:

Oh My! Crash on exit seems to have been fixed. YES! In fact, my mixes are closing down in 2 or 3 seconds, rather than 20 or so followed by a crash. Seems crazy to get excited about this, but it’s a big deal after putting up with crashes on exit since v6.

Hope you guys weren’t potential CMC or C121 buyers :laughing:

Nope, but I’m still getting an iPad + V-Control app. I’m sold on it :slight_smile:

Glad the AlphaTrack is back to working though.

Let us know how you get on with V Control. Certainly looks tasty. Would like to hear what it’s like in use.


Will do :wink:

I use Touch Daw on Android with Win 7 (rtpMidi), not as fancy as V Control, but touch controllers are a fine replacement for the AlphaTrack. I was sceptic about the “feel” issue. But I works remarkably well and pretty accurate and above all, a lot faster. And the best part is, you can walk around while tuning your mix :mrgreen:

Hi all,

Finally got the iPad 2 and V-Control Free (for now, upgrading to Pro later). Very simple to setup and works as advertized. I’m very pleased with this remote control surface solution. Beats the Alpha Track by a mile and a half. And when Neyrinck incorporates plugin control as shown in the video below (a minute into it to be exact), V-Control Pro will be unbeatable:

Take care everyone!

Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone interested in V-Control Pro. Neyrinck just released V-Control v.1.5, which is the one that enables you to see and control any plugin or synth in your project from your iPad. Not only that, but you can even bring your project window (or any open window for that matter) into the iPad as well. The free version will let you see and select plugin GUIs, but not edit them. The editing capabilities are in the Pro version. Also, they seem to have made V-Control even more responsive than before, which is always nice. I still need to upgrade to the Pro version (was only waiting for this release in order to do so), but I’ll report back when I do (probably sometime next month cause I’m broke :stuck_out_tongue:) if anyone wants to know how the full version works in Cubase.

Take care!

Early reports are that the plug-in control works well…Though I’d imagine there will always be some plugs that are awkward because of tiny controls or whatever.

Will be interested to hear your thoughts on specific use with Cubase.

With this & Auria about to be released I’m not going to be able to resist an iPad too much longer!

Oh man, the iPad 2 is great!

I’m really glad I got it since I don’t just use it for my studio, but also at work as a teaching tool (I teach guitar). It’s more portable than a laptop, I can go to Youtube (using an app called iSwifter) if I need to transcribe something for a lesson, and I also got Garage Band in there for those occations I need to record something real quick as a guide or backing track for my students. Not to mention the fact that each day there’s a new music app or hardware made for it (i.e. Auria and the new Fireface UCX). You simply can’t go wrong with it. I’d probably wait for the iPad 3 though, if you like having the latest and greatest that is. It should be coming out around March or April (going by previous releases).

Anyway, I’ll report back once I’m out of this economic crysis I’m going through right now and let you all know how the Pro version works in Cubase. In the mean time, the free version is doing the job quite well.

Take care!