Frontier Tranzport off the remote devices list?

I upgraded to Cubase 10 pro and now one of my most useful tools Frontier Tranzport, is off the Remote Devices list. Isn´t it supported anymore? If so, why? I believe there´s a lot of annoyed people out there right now.
Can it be used under another protocol without interfering with other remote devices? Is there a map for that protocol that does the same native Tranzport did?


A quick Google gave me this:
“Run the basic TranzPort driver installer, connect the USB interface, select ‘Native’ or ‘Mackie Control’ mode depending on the version of Cubase you are using, and the TranzPort is ready to go. All that remains is to configure the Device Setup window in Cubase for the appropriate device. Full detailed setup instructions can be found on the TranzPort CDROM, or the Frontier Design website downloads page.”

Check in the Components folder of your previous version of Cubase, look for the Tranzport driver and copy that file into the Components folder of C10.

Yep. That worked. Flawlessly.
So many thanks !!