Frontier Tranzport Question

Hi all,

I have a Frontier Tranzport and now tried to install it in cubase 7.5. My Problem: It does not Show up in the Controllers list in device Setup. Does anyone have experience with this device? Is it still working with Cubase 7.5?

Cheers, Ernst

Alas, my Tranzport had be retired this year as well, due the lack of working or recent drivers. Attempts to communicate with Frontier were unsuccessful, and it appears the company is no longer in business. Others have also reported the same problems. So this once useful device now sits on a studio shelf.

OMG, I haven’t done any recording in 7.5, and I hadn’t noticed.

Frontier posted both 32 bit and 64 bit drivers a long time ago. My Tranzport still works just fine in Cubase 7.06x64. Unfortunately, as you stated, it no longer appears in the remote devices list in Cubase 7.5. Cubase 7.5 still sees it as a MIDI device, though. This is therefore a Steinberg issue, not a Tranzport one.

Come on, Steinberg, how much trouble would it have been to just leave the driver in the list? The code was already there, for heaven’s sake.

Don’t give up so easily, guys, there are workarounds. We can just keep working in 7.06 (Guess I’ll need to update it to 7.07, oh, well.) Or, I think I’ll try… mapping it as either a Generic Remote, or as a Mackie Controller, as the Tranzport can be set up either way. It just means an afternoon of extra work, unfortunately.

Thank you, Steinberg. NOT.

Best check the Frontier web site…and also keep in mind there are operating systems other than Windows. :slight_smile:
Nothing much has been updated since 2010, and for Mac users the installer is Snow Leopard and Lion only. So let’s not be too fast to blame Steinberg. Both Cubase and operating systems have changed significantly since 2009- 2010. Although it would be nice if somebody somewhere found a way to get this device functioning on current systems and on both Mac and PC.

I’m in Windows 7, so I don’t know how this applies on a Mac.

I just did a quick test and got the device working in Mackie mode in C7.5, so all is not lost. Most of the buttons seem to work the same way, at least. I’ll have to spend some time learning how to interpret the different appearance of the Tranzport display in this mode.

If you’ve lost the Tranzport documentation, here’s how to set it up:

  1. Right-click on the task bar Tranzport icon and select ‘Cubase (Mackie control)’ as the control mode from the list.
  2. Add a Mackie device to the controller list in Cubase 7.5
  3. Select the Mackie device in the controller list and choose ‘Tranzport’ as the MIDI in and out ports for the device, and you should be ready to roll.

Egg on face :unamused:

Yep, that did it, Thanks, Rhino.

In my case it was the TranzportCN64.dll file, but same idea. I don’t recall having to do this before, but it’s been a while, I guess.

Steinberg, well, never mind! (I really like 7.5 BTW)

Hi Elien
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I am working out how to convert a foot spa into a midi controller!, when the wife gives you something to plug into the mains with your feet in water you are spending too much time in the studio teehee.

Tranzport, great bit of kit still working fine here

I know this is an old thread but I still want to thank you guys. (and gals too) I have been holding off on updating from Cubase 7 and started to panic when my Tranzport would not work in Cubase 8. Copying the .dll file did the trick!