Frontispiece master page text alignment

I’m not sure why but, since updating to 4.1.10 all my Frontispiece master page text alignments in all text boxes went from centre to left alignment. It’s taking me a little while to correct them ( I have 9 of them for different ensembles) and I wonder if it’s something I did!
These are all master pages created within Dorico 4 and used from the Hub.

Has the paragraph style been altered?

No - I’m pretty sure I haven’t touched ant styles for at least a year except changing the Default Text font from Academico to Baskeville.

Without looking at the project, it’s hard to know what’s going on. Could you supply a sample document?

Unfortunately I’ve just finished changing all the templates to correct alignment.
I used TimeMachine to load the Application Support->Steinberg->Dorico 4->Project Templates from this morning but for some reason these are all working correctly.
I think I’ll just hope that the problem has gone away!
Thanks for your support, Ben.

I clocked a couple of days back that there was a difference in the vertical alignment property of text frames in templates when used from the Hub rather than from File > New from Project Template.

Daniel pinned down that specifically when going through the Hub and and having “project uses multiple flows” unticked, Dorico doesn’t retain the vertical alignment property of text frames on Page Templates and reverts them all to “Center”. He’s on the case.

Is it possible that this is the same issue, and does going through File > New from Project Template give the correct result?

Bingo! that does it. I’m glad it wasn’t just me - also glad that Daniel is on it.
Just one point - mine all reverted to Aligned Left rather than Centre.

I was hoping that you’d mistyped - the property to which I was referring was the vertical alignment one, which has to be top, center or bottom. It sounds as though your issue is to do with horizontal alignment, which is a property of the text itself rather than the frame.

If the workaround is the same then I guess it may be that the fix that Daniel’s implementing (or possibly implemented) solves your problem too. I have no doubt he’ll see this thread at some point.

To clarify, I opened a Project template directly and get this …

But via the Hub, I get this …

I’ve not seen anything like that. And I don’t think there have been any new features of text in frames.

I would definitely check the Paragraph Styles. It looks like you’re using more than one style. Each style inherits properties from a Parent style, usually Default Text. So if Default Text has changed, that will knock on all other styles.

Perhaps you could attach your project template file, Andy, so I can take a look at it?

HI Ben and Daniel
Yes - the error was in my paragraph Styles.
I had changed the Default Text alignment - unknowingly - I had never delved that deep into the styles before so it must have been an inadvertent click.
Thanks everyone for attention and suggestions.