Froze all other tracks....still have latency on VST's?

Opened a track I haven’t worked on for a long time cuz I wanted to edit a MIDI synth part. There’s about 12 other audio and VST Instrument tracks in the project. Even when I freeze all other tracks, there’s about a half second delay on my MIDI controller for any of my VSTi’s!

I haven’t had too much issues with latency in the past. My projects stay around 12 tracks and I could keep my input latency to about 6-7ms. My PC’s specs are in my sig–both my CPU and RAM are at only about 30%!

Was it the upgrade to C8? I came straight from C6.5 when C8 first came out. ASIO-Guard?

There are still a a couple of plugins on my stereo out bus, but Plugin Manager ranks all of the plugins as 0 latency anyways.

Any ideas? THANKS!! :smiley:

EDIT DPC looks good (see pic)
C8 CPU2a.jpg

So I found another thread here that said to turn on “Constrain Delay Compensation” and it worked :slight_smile:

While I’m glad its fixed, any reason this may b occurring?

Turning on delay compensation is just disabling any plug with latency.

So you probably have a latency inducing plug hidden away somewhere…check the control room inserts or the input channel inserts and make sure all mixer channels are un-hidden.