Frozen Inst. track delayed?

Probably a newbie question… I have 2 drum tracks playing almost the same beat. They play in sync when none is frozen but if I freeze one of the track, they’re not in sync anymore. Is this a known bug of 9.5 or I have something not ticked somewhere? Same thing with a track with Rapture Pro (rest in peace) arpeggio, if I freeze the track it’s not in sync anymore with Retrologue’s track playing another arpeggio… Thanks for your time.



What kind of tracks are these? Audio or Instrument? How do you know, they are not in sync? How much are they shifted?

I just had this start today after a windows 10 update. I can’t imagine its related, but I don’t know what else happened. Any drum track I freeze is shifted exactly 1/8 note delayed. If I unfreeze it goes right back where it should be.

Cubase Pro 9, Groove Agent.