Frozen midi tracks - possible to view in Key Editor/Score Editors?

Scenario: Large orchestral project w/multiple midi tracks connected to multiple rack VSTis. Workflow: freeze rack VSTi’s to allow glitch-free playback while editing new tracks and/or adding new instruments. Problem: how to view frozen Midi track data in Score Editor or Key Editor. Cubase 10.5 doesn’t seem to permit that? Nothing happens when I double-click frozen midi part or try to open Score Editor. I don’t want to EDIT the part, I just want to SEE it. For ex., all woodwinds are frozen, and I’m working on strings. I want to see the Winds in the score editor. My old DAW (Cakewalk/Sonar) allowed this. Any workarounds or something I’m missing? Many thanks.

This would be really handy!