Frozen VSTi in muted folder doesn't mute

  1. Record some MIDI for a VST instrument
  2. Put the MIDI track inside a folder
  3. Freeze the VST instrument
  4. Mute the folder. The frozen VSTi part is still audible !

Works as expected for frozen audio tracks.


Nobody else affected by this?


Aloha F,

Seems to be fine here.

I tried your example for about half an hour.

I tried:
1-Freeze the trac and then put it in a folder
2-put the trac in a folder and then freeze it
etc etc

Either way, once in the folder, the track mute button worked fine.

I’ll try this test again tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes the MIDI track’s mute button works fine.

But what I meant was, when you hit the folder track’s mute button, to mute everything in the folder, then the track will still be heard (but only if it is frozen) If it’s not frozen, the track is silenced when the folder that contains it is muted… I would expect this behaviour to be the same whether the track was frozen or not.

Confirmed, the frozen MIDI track doesn’t get muted. In fact, it loses the capability of being muted, since the buttons are greyed out. In the end, you freeze the instrument, not the track. You have to mute the MIDI track before freezing, but I agree this is not good. I guess what should be implemented is the capability of being still able to mute/solo the frozen MIDI tracks.

A freeze is a audiomixdown in the background. So you have a mixdown of the VSTi output that the MIDI track is routed to. The wav of the frozen VSTi is more related to the VSTi output channel and not to the MIDI track. You must mute the VSTi output channel or use Instrument tracks to mute the freeze. Freezing a VSTi is always turning off the VSTi and dropping a wav of the mixdown behind the outputs of it. That’s why the Mute/Solo function of the MIDI track is grayed out. The track is disabled. Do the repro without the folder and acknowledge the principles of a freeze to understand what to expect from it.

Or do this:

  1. Record some MIDI on a MIDI Track A
  2. Record Some MIDI on a MIDI Track B
  3. Route both MIDI tracks to a synth let’s say the Monologue
  4. Put the “MIDI track A” inside a folder and leave the MIDI track B outside of it
  5. Open the VST Instrument Rack (F11) and Freeze the VST instrument
  6. Mute the folder.

The frozen VSTi part is still audible.

Because you freeze the VST Instrument Output in the VST Instrument Rack and the MIDI tracks become disabled.


OK I understand now.
I assumed that there was a freeze file created for each of the MIDI tracks that fed into the VSTi.
In reality it seems there is a single freeze track for the VSTi.
Thanks for clearing that up.

That’s right. But, in the future, I’d like to see some more options to freeze, like creating an audio file for MIDI track (for more versatility). But, depending on your needs, use Instrument Tracks, as they keep mute/solo control after freezing.

Aloha J,
and tanx for the explanation.

I now get it.

The freeze need a serious update, imo… It’s prehistoric and unusable compares to samplitude’s and sonar’s one.