FR's - snap, tracklist navigation


I am loving the latest Cubase for many reasons but now that we have such excellent navigation around the app, could we also have a Snap function that has different settings for the project page (locators) and editors?

I don’t use snap with the Editors but I always snap with Locators and this constant on/off is rather tiresome by now.

There have been many great improvements over the years, e.g. Autoscroll suspend, and while it has been annoying at different times in different versions of the program, it has always worked with final update of each major version but now that we have such excellent features as Zones, an improved click (please remove modal dialog) would be an excellent addition I feel.

In addition, I believe the Editors should have Marker Track and locators available, as well as limited transport functions would be a nice and worthy feature for a future Cubase version.

Thanks again for all the great work that Steinberg does.

Thanks to SB for improved tracklist navigation.

In past times, with different track types in the list sometimes it would skip over or revert to previous tracks and now it seems consistent, however when holding the down arrow, playback can stutter.

Also, in relation to an FR, it would be nice to be able to use left and right arrows as well for opening and closing folders.

Next FR, the program is working very well. Thanks for the latest update; much smoother on Windows 10 and audio export is a great deal quicker.

When creating new tracks, I would like to be able to set “No Bus”, as often I am just using them to record and export audio but at the same time could SB please implement an improved multi-track creation and assignment interface that would allow multiple destinations to be connected that aren’t all the same or at least give the option to route Inputs.

It would seem an oversight in the latter instance.

Also, how nice would it be to be able to route Instrument Tracks from the Inspector, without having to go to the mixer. It’s probably been requested before but I am wondering if there is any technical reason for this not to be the case.

Other things that could be implemented are drag and drop of VST Connections but I figure this is a different area of the program and would probably require a new and more inclusive version of VST/ASIO but it’s something for the future I suppose.

In addition, while Track Presets are great (and would be nice for FX busses and groups); how about a way to use something similar with the rack, i.e. a preset format that includes VST Outputs that automatically places outputs in the VST folder without routing I suspect but with my other FR’s, being able to select multiple VST Outputs and route them via a single interface would be very good.

Anyway, cheers and all the best with the next whole numbered version, I can’t say that I am not looking forward to more innovation(s) from the company who makes musical dreams come true.

This might actually be an issue but for the sake of thread count, I will put it here.

With respect to the Audio Interface dialog that appears on startup, could an option be made where “No Device” is available, since when using the DirectX ASIO driver due to having other software running; in order to avoid DPC violations, when starting up Cubase at another time the only way to avoid DPC Watchdog Violations is to remove preferences.

Similar to BlackMagic design, so that we can manage our projects without having to use the file system.