Frusterated beyond belief

So I purchased an Alesis IO 2 Express to install on my computer and run with Cubase. Everything worked fine before I did. I had sound and everything. Once I installed it, I got no sound at all in Cubase. I reverted my settings before installing it, and still no sound. I have a USB PnP Steelseries soundcard that worked with it just fine, so I went back to using that, and I get no sound still. I messed with the setting in the Device Setup, and in the Preferences, and still no sound. I uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase, and still no sound. Nothing is working with this to get sound from Cubase. What do I do? Nobody can answer my questions, cause apparently nobody uses Cubase, and those that do, don’t know what I did. Why am I not getting any sound? What did I do? I have a midi controller (Axiom 25), running on Windows 7, Intel I5 2.66ghz, 4gb RAM, with an onboard soundcard and a PnP Steelseries USB soundcard. Nothing is working, I’m stuck, why is Cubase suddenly not working? I’m extremely angry as I cannot do anything at all.

I should also add that I get sound out of Windows at the moment and everything. But not in Cubase.

Do you use ASIO4ALL v10? I had trouble with sound when I first installed Cubase but managed to get the ASIO setting right and have had no trouble since. When I use other software on my computer such as Chrome, the sound from Cubase stops, but starts again when I select the Cubase window with the mouse. Not sure of your exact setup but hope you get it solved fast.

I tried ASIO4ALL 2.10, and had the same result. So I uninstalled it. I’m gonna try it again without the audio interface and hope maybe it’ll work. :neutral_face:

Let me guess - you have not even tried yet to read the manual on how to set everything up, have you…?

Read the Cubase “Getting Started” Guide.
Diisable on board audio and remove any consumer audio cards, including removing the drivers.
Purchase a suitable digital audio interface with its own solid ASIO driver.
Do the above and your audio problems should be solved :slight_smile: HTH

Why the hell else would I be here? Let me guess, you must’ve missed the part where I said it was working before? Meaning I had read the manual and had everything setup correctly. Next time, think before saying stupid things.

I will definitely try this, thank you sir.

playz, you are a lifesaver good sir. I had not even thought to disable onboard audio and removing the drivers. You just solved my problem, thank you sir! Much appreciated!

Ok now that I got it fixed, whenever I play back a track I have up, I get extremely loud static that seriously hurts my ears (I’ve never had that problem before), and that static only happens in Cubase. Wtf? What’d I do this time?

So you’re using the Alesis sound card and the ASIO4ALL driver. The “static” noise you are hearing is most probably due to the buffer size (latency) being set to small (low) try raising it (make it bigger) in the ASIO Buffer Size box of the ASIO4ALL window.

if i may suggest… if i`m not wrong this device is usb powered without adapter, so these soundcards mostly work well, but are also delicate on power. +5V is easy to drop to +4V if a cable is long, already at 60cm lenth and here is a problem! find a usb cable that has double power connector (1 power+data, 2 power only) and test. also make shure it is short - less than 40 cm. also you can cut and weld one yourself (schematics are on wikipedia) and insert also the power adapter in the circuit, just follow the schema. i had one similar problem with my traveller soundcard and i made the cable 20cm double power socket and the problems are gone.

If the problem is lack of power from the computer USB socket (usually only an issue with laptops), then the best fix is to use a powered hub.

I doubt this is the problem though.