Frustrated: 01V96, Dante, Cubase 10

I’ve been getting almost nowhere for months. Upgrading to new program has destroyed my whole set up. Everything got erased

Rx Port - Slot1 (Dante card)
Tx Port - Slot1 (Dante card)
Studio Manager: USB-1
DAW: USB 2-3
Word clock: Slot-CH 1/2 48khz

16 channels, green lights across everything - diagonal slash pattern. I’m told everything should be 100% straight forward, input 1 to output 1. Brand-new cat-6 cable. Have MAXIMUM latency settings for everything (the least load possible, this should be a piece of cake).

48khz across everything
Dante card is my source
have been playing with routing, something seems to have erased all previous settings, did an unintentional recall from studio manager. No combination of different routing seems to work, everything is gone and I’ve abandoned all hope. Can not figure out if this is just an output patching issue with my board.

I had it before where my inserts on the board fed signal direct to cubase, could use cubase effects, and then sent OUT back through MONITOR OUT on my board (so my source should be from SLOT in order to get stereo mix out from cubase?). Anyways, it was all working a week or two ago and my entire life is now hell, I don’t get why it’s so complicated to route audio through this board but nothing but trouble. Any help much appreciated