Frustrated trying to change Sus Cym X note head to normal black one

I’ve gone to the percussion kit editor - edit note head sets and selected the larger note head but when I go back to note input they still come out as X note heads. What am I doing wrong?

Ah, the old cross noteheads on the suspended cymbal! Seriously, does anyone really notate sys.cym. like that?! I’ve never seen it.
I always have to go into the ‘edit percussion playing techniques’ for the instrument in ‘setup’, and then change the noteheads to ‘unset’. That always does the trick … until next time I want to add sus.cym. to a score, and I have to do that all again. Not sure if Dorico 4 has added a way to save customised instrument definitions (like that other programme that we shan’t name), but I hope so.

Thanks for the reply Clifford, that seems to have done the trick, but sometimes I feel like there are too many hoops to jump through to get the results I would like.