Frustration about Steinberg support

I have Cubase 10 Pro and a UR28M, and I’m a long time Cubase user.
Those products work ok, but every time I open Cubase it asks me if I want to use UR28M as my sound device, and even if I check “Yes, don’t ask again.”, it’ll still ask me every time, so I already click this dialog like a thousand times, it’s weird since I have many audio interfaces, but UR28M is the only interface has this problem and it’s from Steinberg.
It’s not the end of the world, but I still contacted support to report the issue and see if I can save the trouble.

Then the frustration comes.
There is no way to create a ticket in MySteinberg, the support section only shows a link let me find local distributors, which is not ideal since distributors only sell products, they don’t really solve an issue like this. So I have to send email to, and it works, the support system automatically creates a support ticket in MySteinberg after I sent it.
That’s good, I think, but after 1~2 weeks, the support guy replied, says I have not provided enough information (since I use email to create ticket, so I bypass the step to fill system information), and he didn’t ask me for any information, he straight mark the ticket as “Solved”.
There is a “create a follow-up” button in the ticket which can let me create a new ticket, and it can let me fill a form to contain information they need. I use the button to re-create few tickets that contain my system information in detail, hope I can get some proper support, at least let them know this issue.
But, after the first ticket, there are 3 tickets I have created, all of them are polite and have needed information, but all of them are marked as solved after few days without any reply from the support team.

I mean, if the issue does not have an answer for it, at least let me know or report the issue to dev team, I can’t get it why the support team just ignore every ticket without any reply. So what’s the point of this support system? Is there any way to get proper support from Steinberg?

I submitted support tickets to Steinberg, almost all of them not replied and marked as “Solved” with no reason. How can I get proper support from Steinberg?

I am sorry for this bad experience!

the support section only shows a link let me find local distributors, which is not ideal since distributors only sell products, they don’t really solve an issue like this.

Our distributors are responsible for support as well. If they cannot solve the case, they get in contact with us. This is part of the contract with them or the Yamaha subsidiaries.

Anyway, since you have send us several tickets, could you provide the ticket numbers in a private message to me? I’ll have a look then.

I am sorry but Unfortunately the truth is that Steinberg never had a proper support outside US (maybe Germany also) :frowning:

The distributors are NOT support! they distribute and sell products, they do not know any details off any of the products they sell :frowning:

I use Cubase for more than 10 years and so far not even once I receive a support.
Only once I managed to send a request to Canada’s team and they partially helped me, but the guy told me that this is an exception because they’re not allowed to support costumers from other countrys.

Unfortunately I must agree with this. I have only once gotten a response from support (and I’m in the U.S.) from about 10 or so tickets I started, and then there was no follow up when I wrote back with the information they requested. I haven’t written support in over a year because of this – I gave up.

I hope something gets remedied with this because it feels very wrong to pay a lot for software and then get no official support. As I’ve said before: It’s not a good way to build customer loyalty. Waves is a great example of ideal customer support: You can reach someone on the phone, always, or they write back within a couple of days (usually one) as well. When I’ve had issues the person stays on the phone with me until it’s resolved.

Looks like you have tried them all already :wink: Neither the US support, nor the Canadian support or the support team in Germany is responsible for Eastern Europe support - i.e. for supporting you in Bulgaria. This is the responsibility of Yamaha directly. Please send me a private message with details on the address you used to receive support and the nature of the inquiries and I’ll see what I can do with the connections I have to the colleagues over there.

I cannot speak for the US support but they have undergone several changes over the last one to two years at Yamaha and the team was rebuilt and partially merged with other parts of the Yamaha support teams. The situation should have improved again.

The support system is utter BS and always has been. The red tape is very thick

Then everything has been said, I guess.