Frustration processing plugin on selection of audio track

Hopefully someone can help me figure out the best workflow for this situation. I have a vocal file and there is a plosive that caught the capsule while recording and I just want to EQ out the low end energy a bit just this section of audio and not for the whole file. Here is my process.

  1. Using the range tool select the phrase with the plosive (not just the plosive as that gets annoying to loop)
  2. Cycle loop this section
  3. With my EQ plugin (3rd party VST) find the bad frequencies for the plosive (in my case a cut with wide bell at 125hz worked well)
  4. Using the range tool select just the part of the file I want to be processed (the plosive)
  5. Right click the selection and choose “plugin” and load the same EQ VST.

Now here is where the frustration occurs. How do I now get the same setting from my insert EQ into this audio file processing EQ? At first I thought I could copy / paste my plugin settings using that disclosure triangle for all cubase insert plugins, but that triangle is missing when I load the EQ as a “processing plugin.” So now I’m stuck having to save my preset as a VST3 preset using the “cube,” which is a bit of a drag as I really dont want this to be a preset.

Anyway it made me wonder if this process is the best for this result? I know I could automate the plugin, but I’d rather not have to do this for just this single plosive. Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

I save it as a preset, if it is a setting I want to use several times on different audio parts I name it “default”
That way the plugin starts up with these settings, when all is done I save a fresh default preset with everything turned off.
Btw some default settings for the plugins like the tube compressor are raising the level 2dB just by turning it on. It’s worth spending a little time optimizing every default setting to be closer to a “most used setting” to not waste time on the same adjustments every time.

Thank you for the great advice peakae! I hope steinberg look at this process and optimize the workflow. It would be nice if I could simply copy/paste my plugin settings from inserts to these process region plugins instead of having to save presets and remember to remove / replace them when done.

Not sure if you’re already aware of this but it might be a better way, depending on your preferences…

  1. Range select a part of the audio and then open a plugin using the Audio > Plugin menu.
  2. Select Preview at the bottom of the plugin window
  3. Tweak the plugin as you wish.
  4. Close the plugin (by clicking Cancel)
  5. Now reset the range to just the plosive that you want to EQ
  6. Open the plugin again and it will have retained the settings you made previously so you can now apply the processing.

The only downside to this method is that when you use the preview function, it will not let you audition the audio with it’s Insert signal path/FX etc., and you can’t hear it with the rest of your tracks playing at the same time. It could work nicely in this case though, for just isolating/EQing a plosive on a vocal track.

all above and i also add for faster workflow, if it’s lot of fixing and u use it regularly ,i will suggest add key command for that eq u use, so you select range, do the key command adjust the eq apply it and done… next time the same settings will appear again

Yep, that’s a good suggestion for sure.