In any other DAW software (I’ve had 3 plus Cubase) I would have already had the connections for audio and midi, as well as the appropriate drivers to allow me to broadcast and record.

I venture to say this is the most difficult, frustrating and needless waste of time. Not to mention the expected learning curve of the MOXF6 itself. I have elements 9.5, Halion Sonic 3, and I can’t get a damn thing to work together.

This is indeed a frustrating aspect of Cubase. You want to get things running, try things out, and get started on your work, but the configuration of devices stands in the way. It’s all in the manual, but it’s still confusing. I’ve written on this before. The stages were:

  1. Audio interface driver installed and up to date. Any MIDI drivers for external devices as well.
  2. Verify the driver(s) found by the OS and by Cubase
  3. Correct ASIO driver selected by you (within Cubase)
  4. Optional port re-naming exercise.
  5. Declaring which ports shall be used, and for what.
  6. Connecting the input ports to the track of interest.

I’d guess your drivers are fine and recognized by the OS and Cubase, since you’ve done this with other DAWs. It’s really steps 3 and 5 that are a bit of a struggle. The particular details depend on which version of Cubase you have. The MIDI shouldn’t be a problem.


Therefore there are Cubase 7 Quick Start video tutorials on the official Steinberg YouTube channel.

I don’t know the mooxf6 so can’t comment on that aspect but this really should be pretty straight forward.

Are you using the keyboard as your Audio interface?

I got to the point where it was easier to disable the TASCAM driver in favor of the Steinberg driver. What puzzles me is the demo suggestion in the MOXF synth material; Song + Mixing of Drums, Bass and Piano options yields no ability to control any of them. Followed precisely the instructions and produced no effects. Major puzzle and major impediment.

I understand the “quick start videos”. Thanks Martin.

Colin, thanks for your comprehensive outlining. I’ll run through the entire process again and see if I can produce any different results. (Wait, isn’t that as sign of madness?) Cheers to all, and thanks, truly.

I finally am able to link the MoxF6 to Cubase Elements. Thanks to all.