Ok…this is the only place I’ve actually found a ‘New Topic’ button so I can actually post my question…My question is to do with Cubase 5…but there’s no place in THAT section to post…so appologies all around!!!

Am trying to run Cubase 5.5.2 on one of my machines but when loading it’s initializing EVERY file in my comp that it can…Adobe files, other program files…I let it run for a couple of hours the other night out of interest…but it never finally loaded. I’ve checked the Knowledge base, google, etc. nothing really like my prob shows up…

Can someone at least point me to the necessary info so I can sort this prob? (and I’m the type who likes to know why…so a place I could grab a little understanding would be really cool, instead of just do this to fix that…although, in the end that info is good too!!)

Many Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Aloha Bretly,

This is weird because we should be discussing this in the C5 forum section.

But since you cannot post there, lets try some Cubase therapy here
till one of the mods stop us.

what hardware and other software are you using?

Hello Bret,

you have created two different mySteinberg accounts. In your “new” account is nothing registered, so that is why you cannot post in the Cubase forums. Your USB eLicenser is registered in your “old” account. Please send me a PM which account I can delete for you.