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A friend offers me the developing of an app who hyphenates automatically latin, french and english texts.
Here is it : GitHub - LeJoW/Ks-hyphenation:
I dont now the reliability of english and french languages. Latin is builded on a dictionary made by Anne-Edgard Wilke according to the latin rules of the vatican in the years 1960. It may be that they are not always according with the hyphenation of original scores because the rules were some floating.


Thanks for this! I’ll be able to use the Latin a lot. I know most of my liturgical latin by heart now, but every once in a while I second guess myself.

And in case it helps anyone else, there’s this other Latin Hyphenator that also can output your syllables with the appropriate breaks for GABC code: Hyphen-la by gregorio-project

Does anyone know a fairly reliable hyphenator for German?

I didn’t now this project ; what is then the difference with this of Wilke whose link I gave in the precedent message ?

I have no idea if there’s a difference in the dictionaries referenced as I’m not the developer of either. The link I shared, however, has a second window at the bottom that will insert brackets between the syllables so you can insert GABC code to render medieval plainchant notation. GABC is well-known to people who work in Catholic/Episcopal circles and produce new editions of medieval plainchant.

Hi!Thanks for that, I will try its French abilities soon!

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Let us know what you think! Le français c’est ma deuxième langue donc je ne fais pas confiance à mon jugement pour savoir s’il marche bien ou pas.

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I now GABC although I haven’t used it yet.
I’ve yet find some errors in the latin version of my app. I must meet Anne-Edgar Wilke, the creator of the latin dictionary this week-end and shall ask him to correct errors and to explain me the difference between the two versions of hyphenators.

For what it’s worth, I just gave it a try, with a very simple sentence : Je suis curieux de savoir comment cela fonctionne. I simply did not go to the end of this extremely long sentence : Je su-is (???) cu-ri-eux de sa-vo-ir (WTF???) com-ment — then I stopped. Sorry, that IS useless.


Bonne chose à savior. Merci!

Same issue in latin. Also useless. I’ll try to now more about that problem this weekend.


The hunspell dictionaries contain Latin as well; maybe that’s worth trying? I have been using them for Swedish, English and French in Frescobaldi, that has a hyphenation function. It is always necessary to check the results before pasting into Dorico, but it does save time.