FS Nuage Set for $5250

Last post before the system will be donated to a community center. Drastically reduced price for our Nuage system (2019 YOM), includes 1x master 2x fader, for only $5250 take all. Ships worldwide. Needs to sell asap. For details or further info send us a DM.

sorry to hear about this. But can’t you store it somewhere safe? I mean ‘a community center’ is quite drastic and a waste of value.
I’d love to have the gear but have no space for it (or money).

Admittedly it is a rather drastic solution, but we have had the system up for sale since late February and no serious interest has garnered, even at this price point we are not confident that we can sell. Our old studio space is being demolished and we have no place or application in our new facilities, so if it doesn’t sell by end of week giving it to the community would be the logical choice - albeit a write off for us, I’d like to think that it’d be better for our local youths to be playing around on a Nuage as opposed to being on their phones or wasting their time with other extracurricular activities.

Where are you located?

Hi Steffen we’re based in Israel

Man 'o man, I wish I could get this setup…just bad timing. If you guys are going to donate it I’d obviously take care of the shipping. It would be great for educating guys here in Africa.

I really hope someone grabs these units from you! Wishing you all the best!!

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Not much more I can do my friend.
I’ve send half a dozen interested people, of which one has pulled the trigger.
Dunno what the status is now.


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