FS: Vienna Symphonic Library Symphonic Cube Bundle w MIR Pro and VEPro 6


I’m going back to primarily acoustic recording and selling this as an all-in-one Vienna bundle. You will get licenses for Vienna Symphonic Library Cube - Standard, MIR Pro with 5 roompacks, and Vienna Ensemble Pro. The perfect foundation for your foray into Vienna Strings. There is no shortage of inspiration with these instruments and tools and MIR is truly a game changer.

As you may know, VSL facilitates the process of license transfer. I will mail the e-licenser key to you (CONUS only) and they will take care of setting you up with an account and downloads. I will cover their (quite hefty!) transfer fee.

$1700 ($1000 less than buying this package new)

I accept Paypal for payment.

This package includes:
Vienna Ensemble Pro 6
Epic Orchstra Standard Library
Vienna MIR Pro
MIR Roompack 1 - Vienna Konzerthaus,
MIR Roompack 2 - Studios Sound Stages,
MIR Roompack 3 - Mystic Spaces,
MIR Roompack 4 - Sage Gateshead
MIR Roompack 5 - Pernegg Monaster
Solo Strings I - Standard Library
Chamber Strings - Standard Library
Orchestral Strings I - Standard Library
Orchestral Strings II - Standard Library
Harps - Standard Library
Woodwinds - Standard Library
Woodwinds II - Standard Library
Brass I - Standard Library
Brass II - Standard Library
Percussion - Standard Library

Thank you!
Feel free to PM me.

you probably would have more luck posting this on kvraudio forum a lot more people will see it than here

Good call, thanks sd.