FTP Down - need Cubase Elements 6 Trial

Hey All,

I need to reinstall CE6 and to do so, download the Trial version.

Currently from MySteinberg when I click the download link it times out, trying to connect to the FTP.

My queries:

  1. Is this true for everyone else?
  2. Could anybody provide a mirror for Cubase Elements 6.5 Trial version?

I sent a support request yesterday morning but no response yet.

Many thanks



Thanks for checking. Doesn’t work for me.

Originally it kept saying authentication failed, now it just times out trying to connect. I got a friend from another location to try it and the same thing happened for him.

Don’t suppose you’d be able to send me the trial via WeTransfer or something would you?



Why do you need the trial version? Why not use the disk?

I only paid for an activation code, I don’t have the disks. :slight_smile:

Then you should use the link they sent you with the code, not the trial link.


Thanks, the e-mail which contains the code does not contain a link to anywhere with a download.
It takes me to the Steinberg shop which simply lists the activation code on an invoice - there is no way to download the software from there.

Originally I just put the key into the trial version I had installed and it activated it.

Have you bought an upgrade from a LE / AI version, or a full version…?


I had the trial version, it expired, so I bought an activation key from the shop. On the invoice it is described as

Cubase Elements 6 (Activation Code) Activate your Cubase Elements 6 Trial Version permanently

Guess that must count as a ‘full version’?



Have you contacted support?

Hi yes as mentioned in my first post :slight_smile: I contacted them on the 25th but no response yet.


A friend sent me the trial in the end.

Still nothing from Steinberg…

Now, since their servers work - what should they do…?

Apologies, my comment came across badly, that wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to finalize the thread.