(FULFILLED) Setting the Project Cursor Position like Cubase (ALT-SHIFT+CLICK)

I can not believe I am requesting something that is already in Nuendo 10 according to the manual

But since it is not there in action, can you please provide it? It can be anything like ALT-SHIFT+CLICK or Anything+CLICK

This is so convenient to use in Cubase.

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Ditto. (I thought there was something wrong with my alt key!)
Would be great to get this function implemented.

Very much +1!

I use Cubase and Nuendo, and the Alt-Shift-Click is such a great feature in Cubase for jumping around quickly without needing to go up to the timeline or entering bars/time via the QWERTY keyboard. One of the best “silent” features introduced in Cubase 9 (9.5?).

it will never get alt+shift +click unless manually assigned by a user.
Because it was a mistake as alt+shift+click and drag is moving sound within a audio event and has been for many years.

I would love the feature itself but it has to work without breaking existing work flows.
And as far as I can tell steinberg is just about out of modifier key combinations.

Well, like I proposed before, it can be Anything+Click. We can perhaps have options for if I use a particular key for this, I can’t use it for something else and so on. That should leave us the choice of personal modifications.

Agree, this is a must have and it saved me so much mouse movement and sped up my workflow in Cubase. This is the biggest drawback for me now that I upgraded to Nuendo and I regret it simply because of this particular feature.

What is even more disappointing is that it is mentioned in the manual but not implemented. Sometimes I ask myself whether anyone at Steinberg actually tries to use the feature before putting it in the manual.

I have not tried N10 yet, but in N8 clicking anywhere on the lower part of the ruler works perfectly for me, and it’s just a one-handed single click. Could not be easier.

Add this. I’ve gotten used to it from Cubase 10. Moving audio inside of event is Ctrl+Alt in my settings, Alt+Shift works great. Also you can set your modifier keys however you want, but Set Position is just missing.

Agreed. Since modifier keys are customizable in Nuendo/Cubase, give the user the option to assign the “Set Position” command.


I am not sure if you are acquainted with the option mentioned here. You may not even know what you are missing here. I apologize if I am wrong. Anyway, this is about clicking anywhere in the project pane, not only in the ruler at the top, but anywhere regardless of “Empty Spaces”, even over audio or midi events.

If you try Cubase to try this feature, you will probably understand that it is much much easier, at least for some us. In fact, it was in Nuendo too (functionally) and apparently it still is in the manual (sadly not functionally).

I understand completely, I just do not understand this fixation with wanting/having to click somewhere in the main part of the Project screen (where the tracks are ). If one uses the lower part of the ruler there is no need to click anywhere in the project pane regardless of whether or not there is any ‘empty space’. It’s just one hand, one finger and one click. Simples.

This requires additional arm movement, to go on top of the ruler which you don’t need to do with ALT+Shift+left click shortcut.

What! - the arm movement is minimal - you don’t actually have to touch the top of the screen!

ALT+Shift+left click requires both arms, and oh yes - it does not work in Nuendo!

Why not use something simple that does work, and just get on with it?

I don’t know sometimes :wink:

If you never used it, it is only natural that you may have no idea how convenient it is. Then again, it may be relative to your own preferences.

On the other hand…
In the Key Editor window the combination of Alt-Shift-left mouse click, makes it possible to place the cursor anywhere in that window without having to hover over(point the mouse to) the bars & beats area!

Not mentioned in the Manual btw!

Aren’t you using Cubase 10? Because, here in Nuendo 10, it doesn’t work, at least I can’t make it work.

Hi Iftekharul Anam ,

You are absolutely right!
I work with Cubase 10 and that’s where my solution works.

So I shouldn’t have posted my suggestion here.
Perhaps other Cubase 10 users may pick this up…

That’s okay. :purple_heart:

It is indeed a very useful feature. Would like to have it Nuendo as well.
The next “to do” on Steinberg List of feature harmonizing between Cubase and Nuendo.