Full Band Tracked Live in Studio


Band name is “Come Wind” and this is a true “live” recording with a video shoot.

What is the type of Shure mic the lead singer is using? The backup vocalist is using a 58 Beta, correct?

great track, love it. the distortion on the guitars sounded a bit weird though ,was that put on afterwards :question:

Lead vocal mic was a Shure SM-7 and the other was a regular SM-58. Mic pre was the Crane Song Spider for both IIRC.

The guitar tone was that way from the amp - I only added a bit of EQ during mixing.

Lovely. Can’t criticize the mix. To Polgera, I guess the sound of that distorted guitar is credited to the Jazzmaster sound. I think it’s a Jazzmaster, but maybe I can’t see that it’s a Jaguar.

This is a good band.

Thanks for sharing.

Thats great, I like it a lot.

Will share @ Facebook, if that is ok?

Absolutely! I’m sure the band would appreciate that.

i think its probably more how the distortion is been generated ,just sounds a little too much ,it sounds like a processor or tranny amp type distortion ,its just a tad distracting …(Early, you know how to get a good distortion sound from an amp sim…) but i do like the guitar parts just not the distortion,but it may grow on me, still its a good tune. yeh looks like a Jazzmaster with the pickups and selector ,its defiantly not a jaguar ,i know people like to mix and match the Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Mustang parts nowadays. Jags need souping up just to make em playable.