Full channel strip active on "track/Channel 1" of all mixers

Please deactivate this new (in Cubase 7.0.6) function that is fully activated when you load a new song: when you open a new project/song, the channel/track 1 in every mixer (playback or recording) comes with full activated channel strip (all the pulg-ins in the rack). I believe that was probably an idea to help people start, but it’s a horrible idea to every professional that doesn’t need that. And the worst thing is that there’s no way of “shut down” all those plug-ins at the same time, so you need to go deactivating them one by one… takes at least 5 minutes to do that. Make them available to be activated only when someone needs them, not before, not after. Tkx :imp:

To remove them you can use quick link.

Guess you’re starting new songs with one of the odd templates?!? Just don’t do that :laughing:
Or save the one in which you’ve removed any preset stuff as a new template and go from there next time.