Full crash when going to Pref's

Win. 10 latest build, latest 11.2 Wavelab.
Anytime I go to Global Preferences - full crash.
Whether from an open Montage, or just Wavelab open no project, full crash.
ONCE I succeeded getting to plugin pref’s and forced rescan all plugins upon re-launch. No improvement.
Trashed my preferences, no improvement.

I have notice my CPU is running VERY hot with Montages open yet am doing nothing differently than I have for months.
No new plugins installed, no changes to the OS.

No other CPU stress with other app’s, browsing. No indication of Malware, etc.

Anyone have guidance?

How did you do that exactly?

Even without plugins? Else what plugins?


Hi Phillipe,
The high temp’s appear to be only with that particular Montage. Idling on a fresh montage, same plugins instanced, no temp. spike.
I trash my pref’s via - Program Data/Steinberg/Wavelab Pro/Preferences. I drag the contents of the Pref folder to the trash.

Phillipe, if a Montage becomes corrupted, and other projects are working correctly, what is the best way to save the work done and get the project to an uncorrupted state? I suspect that’s what happened as other jobs haven’t been problematic.

Removing all plugins, saving, quitting, re-launching.


I would try:

‘copy all’ plugins from the Montage Inspector menu.

Then File>New>Audio Montage>From Current File>Exact Duplicate (using the same audio file).

On the newly created Audio Montage, delete all the plugins.

Save this … that is the newly created duplicate montage now without any plugins … as a new name.

Then ‘Paste Replace’ the plugins from the new montage Inspector menu.

This has worked for me on the very rare occasions that ‘something’ has became corrupted.

Thanks to you both. Will try.