full-duplex in Wavelab possible?

Hello everybody,

it is possible to record 8 tracks and play 2 tracks simultaneously in Wavelab?
So 8 IN - 2 OUT at once.

We find no information about full-duplex in web or manual…

Thanks for your help

I don’t see why not, but I’ll try it later. I would try Record At Cursor in the montage to have the recorded files fall in sync with the two track files (after Record at Cursor, hit Record, then Play). You can get the Wavelab demo if you have an elisenser and try it yourself.

I don’t think Wavelab’s the ideal program to do this until more multitrack/multichannel/monitor/routing features are added and worked out, but because of Wavelab’s other features I record multitrack in it to keep it in one program. I haven’t had to sync to existing with monitor, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t work.

Although I could be wrong, and it might not work well for your purposes at all.

Are the 8 channels being recorded live recording ?

I tried and couldn’t figure out a way to record in sync to the 2 tracks playing back. Record At Cursor doesn’t help in this case because Wavelab places the recorded files at the start of Play (the stationary flashing cursor), not at the start of Record (the playhead position when you hit the record button). There are other inconveniences as well. Maybe someone else knows better ways, but if not, I would just use another program until Wavelab adds more capability for this.

hi bob,

thanks for your feedback!

we need 8 channel live recording, 2 channel Wave out (different tracks - successively). with only one DAW. Is it better to use cubase and/or Nuendo?

to understanding… currently we are planning a upgrade of our hard- and software. Like Prism Sound Atlas or comparable…

Yes probably Cubase, depending on your budget and needs. Are you recording, mixing, mastering, post production? What software(s) are you currently using, for which purposes? If mastering, what is the purpose and how do you use the 2 channel playback, 8 channel record ? Surround recording?

PG, as an aside, only having tried this live for the first time (with 2 channel playback and external 8 channel record input), I can’t imagine when anyone would want it this way. All other programs I know of place recorded files in sync at the position of the moving playhead when record is pressed. Can this be changed? Usage is when “add to selected track of montage” is used in the Record dialog. Live record waveform is pretty standard too.

I understand it would be nicer. But so far, WaveLab was not developed to be a multi track recorder.