Full functionality without ever have to use the mouse

Hi there and many congratulations and a big thank you for this wonderful new approach to notation!

I just searched and read in the forum for over half an hour and did not find this topic or equivalent - not with that uncompromising approach in mind (I hope to be understandable since I am german)…

My biggest wish for efficiency is that I will never ever have to use the mouse inside a program. Is there any chance that keyboard shortcuts will achieve such a total completeness [switch between setup - write - engrave and so on with a key command (like how you do it with tabs in windows?), begin inputting by specifiying a start point (i.e. i1353 - input first system, third staff, fifth bar, third value depending on the defined meter - vertically counted always from bottom to top on a page like you count lines and spaces) and hit enter, choose any - and I mean any - button and panel with a key command, open a list, move inside menus with arrow keys or better with dedicated letters to select anything and and and - sorry, but there is missing sooo much!]? Perhaps you can guess that I still love to use Score which was first created in times when no mice existed…

And please work on internationalisation with keyboard shortcuts as a real top of toppest priorities - we not british people need this sorely!

Thank you so much for your hard work!

You can switch between modes using Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5, so that’s easily done. For most operations in Write mode you can perform them entirely without the mouse, though that’s not true in the other modes. You have correctly identified that you can’t currently start a selection in Write mode without using the mouse, but we hope to address that in the 1.0.10 update.

Thank you Daniel! Crtl+1-5 is great, sorry I did not find this before. You are the real soul behind Dorico, I think, and I hope Steinberg rewards this as it should :wink:
I am confident of you and your team to adress as many issues as you are able to in the coming months and years. That is not the case with some other companies out there…
Yet you all take care of yourself as well - leisure time is crucial!