Full install on new PC...Setting install paths to multiple drive

Hi All, Hoping to get some advise before I start a complete new install on my new PC built purely for my music making. Comp is Z790 CSM m/board, i9 24 core 6ghz, 128gb ram, 1tb m2 nvem drive (for system and all core app software) 3 x 2tb m2 nvme drives. Because I am going to install every thing from fresh, now is the time to attempt to maintain an organised file system. The system drive I only want software NOT all the VST’s, samples, sounds etc. On install is when I can direct those components to the other 3 drives. I am thinking, 1 for VST instuments/sounds, 1 for samples/audio files and the last 1 as the main Cubase Project Folder which the songs will be in as their own project. Yes there will be another drive purely for other document/downloads etc. The idea is all the hardware previously described is to do all the music production. Any constructive advise would truely be appreciated.
Thanks Gaz

I personally would do .
1 OS
2 Projects
3 Samples and content

I only have two M2’s and choose to put 2/3 on the same drive and having to do a complete fresh install of window 10 due to Steinberg and AA issues everything went flawlessly with the Library manager point back to the drives i wanted .

Vsti’s and plugins i would consider them as OS , but things Like H7 presets and sample content go into the Content drive . It works brilliant for me but others may advise differently

Thanks Mate. I’m glad you mentioned the Library Manger part, that has answered one part of the equation. Really appreciate the opinion.

Yes i was concerned about library manager not doing it’s job properly but every thing worked as expected .
It was pretty painless and having just a OS dedicated drive is well worth it :wink:

100% agree. This is generally considered a best practice. Although I’ve noticed the sample disks do tend to reproduce over time - you start with one and the next thing you know you’ve got three.

Yes. You’d want to install things like Halion or Kontakt on your system disk (just like their installers default to). But put all their content on the sample disk.


Fantastic, Thanks for feed back guys. Can’t wait to get this thing up and running.
Have a great Christmas guys and stay safe.

Do you know what , in 24 years of Pc use , i’ve never changed from the default path of programs , my theory is it could lead to a world of pain tacking down issues .

Well I finished the install a couple of days back. Installed everything Cubase and all it’s products/parts, all my Waves stuff, plus Izotope, Novation, Spitfire, NI absolutely everything I own. Sticking to the original plan and the only product I had to let install with it’s own paths was Plugin Alliance plugins, that was it. Every other product I could do but what a long process, 30hours all up of installs and testing as they were installed. Also Plugin Alliance was the only products I had issues getting the licenses on the new machine but after a little research managed to get that sorted. So one very happy chappy and it is running like a missile. Little bit of fan tuning on the CPU and so far so good.
Thanks for all the help and advise people, I hope to return the favor one day.