Full Scale Noise EMBEDDED into audio file after recording

Hi there, I’ve never encountered a problem like this before.

Windows 10.
Cubase 12.0.50.
Interface is M-Audio Profire Lightbridge integrated with a RADAR machine. Solid as a rock system since Cubase 5.

Recording a band live off the floor. No problems recording.
No Plugins.
During an overdub there is a full scale burst of noise. It’s not white noise like when you have an unauthorized plugin activated. It’s lower in pitch but will still take your head off.

Upon investigating it is found to be fully embedded into the audio clip. In this case the floor tom channel of the drum kit is replaced with this noise for a few seconds as well as a punch in on the bass guitar channel a few seconds later. All together about 6 seconds of LOUD NOISE.

The burst of noise follows panning, clip gain and even copy / paste functions. There seems to be no way to get rid of it.

Buffer is good. No plugins as I said.
Restart doesn’t help.
Uninstall / Re-install doesn’t help.
Rollback to previous C12 doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

So with no processing is it still there? Can you see it in the waveform? It should be visible if it is a block of noise. If it’s in the waveform then it’s in the recording. If so then cut it out. Your not using a demo plugin that gives a blast of noise like some demos do?

Sounds like a serious ground problem. :zap:
Are all your audio cables properly soldered ? No bad contact ? No current leak in the ground ?
Are all your equipment properly grounded, and are all on the same ground ? I mean the same single ground of a building, not actual sockets, and does the ground even exist and if so is it well effective ?
Is it an individual house or a building with multiple apartments ?
You don’t need to answer all the questions, these are just clues :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, thanks for the replies.
No plugin processing at all.
Burst of noise NOT visible in waveform.
Playback of audio was fine for multiple listens (working on this tune for a few hours) … until suddenly it wasn’t.
Grounding is top notch. This is definitely a Cubase thing.

But you previously said :

So is it part of the recording or not ?

Does the noise happen depending on the CPU usage ? For example moving the mouse around, or when it plays specific CPU intensive parts ? If this is the case it it still a ground issue and Cubase isn’t involved in this.

I almost forgot : Is your computer a laptop or a desktop ?

Are you saving the media to a thumb drive or Hard drive, I had this issue, and it was one of two things, too many of one plugin which was causing feedback noise (not feedback just noise) in my case it was a Waves One knob wet , also trying to save files directly to a SD or USB thumbdrive on the same port as my Ilok dongle

Hi, the burst of noise is NOT visible in the waveform however i consider it embedded since it follows pan, clip gain and copy / past functions as I mentioned earlier. The noise is triggered as if it were recorded audio.

CPU usage is really low. Playback of 16 mono audio tracks - under 5 minutes. No plugins.

Mouse static or moving the result is the same.

Audio is saved to partitioned HD on the same computer (desktop).

I will try to grab a video clip later today.

-backup up project…
-open backup.
-noise is now rendered visually (and still audibly) in waveform.

A quick scan of the session shows big blocks of noise on various tracks at random times from other takes of the song now as well.