Full Score To Instrumental Parts Formatting Inconsistency


I encountered a formatting inconsistency with instrumental parts, where some staff markings are positioned off the page. In my case, it’s the tempo marking that is found off the page in the Violin II part and a few others. However, the markings are placed well and display just fine in full orchestra score. I attached three screenshots for your reference.

Is there any way to manually adjust the positioning of staff markings in individual instrumental parts?

Thank you for your time to look into this.


If you moved them to the correct place graphically in the full score, that won’t necessarily follow through to the parts - make sure you position items rhythmically in Write mode where they should take place.

That said, the converse can be true - moving items graphically in Engrave mode with the property scope set to Globally, can cause unexpected offsets in parts (because you’re moving the item in all layouts when the property scope is Globally).

If you’re sure neither of those apply, share a cut-down of your project here in this thread so someone can take a look at the project itself.

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I checked if one of the issues you brought up might be causing the inconsistency, and the tempo marking was positioned rhythmically correct in the Write mode. I made the Tempo marking display properly by manually inserting a system break in the instrumental part.