Full score vs part obstacle

I have been ignoring the following dilemma for a long time but now I need to solve it and I cannot find what I need here or in the manual. I hope it is due to my own shortcoming.
In the full score a short repetitive bass line or riff or melody will take up pages in the layout for the player when it would be convenient to have repeat signs there but not in the full score. Can this not be accomplished?
Likewise, is it possible to have slashes with multi-bar number instead of a lot of slash bars in a part layout?

This has been requested a number of times.

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  1. You can set a number to show on the slashes:

  2. You can use 1-bar repeats after the initial slash bar:

  3. You can have Layout Options set to consolidate bar repeats:

  4. You can use a more involved workaround with a custom Line and “invisible” barlines (really dashed with a length of 0)

1 and 2 will work fine in parts and score. 3 will be wrong in the score and the count will be off by 1 bar if you have the count show. 4 depends on the layout. Perhaps one of these will work.


Thank you so much Fred, I’ll see what works for me.
3 would be good but I suppose as I cannot do repeat for a part it doesn’t work unless everybody has the same repeat or the part has pause. Isn’t it so?

The problems with #3 are 1) Dorico will count the first repeat bar as 2 in the score since it’s assuming you are repeating the previous bar, so the 8 consolidated bars of bar repeats above will be numbered 2-9 in the score, and 2) if playback is important, playback will also be of the previous bar. If these aren’t issues for you, then it may work fine. The consolidation setting in Layout Options is obviously layout dependent, so you can just turn it on for one part and it won’t affect others.

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