Full Screen Groove Agent

I’m pretty happy with Groove Agent except for the size of the pane and that you cannot resize it or use it in fullscreen-mode. Right now I don’t need a lot of others features added as the features that are most important to me already came with the last updates.

But I like using the standalone app as well, rather to build new kits and patterns to use them in Cubase Projects later on. It has some more advantages. It opens up faster, I can work with a finder window to browse for samples next to it without having my screen all messed up with windows I might not need at that time. Plus it saves resources. But the pattern editor e.g. is way to small to use it properly and you gotta frickle your way through it and use a magnifying glass to locate some things.

So, if u also are pretty much in need for this feature, bump this topic through the ceiling. Maybe we’re lucky to see that in one of the upcoming updates then.



I’d like to see GA4 could use some of the graphic ideas used in Halion 5.


I’m in love with the Halion 5 UI. For those who’ve not seen it, it’s kind of like Blender or Maya on Steroids! You can resize things, split screens, set up ‘tabs’, and open new windows all you like.

I too would like to see Groove Agent develop its UI in that direction.

I personally still like and use CRT screens with lower 4:3 aspect resolutions (people throw them away by the truck loads), so the current size of GA is pretty good for me. I’m all for making the adjustments for people using the newer, much higher resolution 16:9 stuff; however, I hope things stay flexible enough for smaller and more ‘square’ shaped screens as well.

Halion 5 simply rocks…as it allows one to set it all up any way s/he likes :slight_smile: