Full Screen in Catalina

Hi folks,

Maybe I’m not using this right, but when I go full screen in Catalina, the “Setup, Write, Play Layout” toolbar at the top disappears, and the OS menu bar doesn’t disappear as I think it should. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

p.s. loving the newer versions of Dorico - defo becoming my tool of choice…


You can ‘collapse’ the top toolbar with Command 6. You can collapse/hide all the panels around the score, and there are key shortcuts to hide them all or each one. The menubar should only reveal when you mouse up to it, I think.

Many thanks for your reply

Actually when I command-6 it hides the toolbar - as in, I think the toolbar is actually there, but hidden under the OS’s menubar. Likewise, moving the mouse up and down over it doesn’t make any difference…


When you move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, macOS shows both the menu bar and the document window caption bar, and it’s correct that this does not cause the whole rest of the window to shift or resize, because these are only shown transitorily.

That’s the idea I believe, but it’s not changing…

Is Dorico behaving differently from other applications in this regard?

No, Dorico does exactly the same as other Mac applications in this way.

I think benwiggy was asking whether on my laptop Dorico was acting differently to other applications (i.e. were other applications also failing to hide the menu bar) to which the answer is no - thanks! Solved the problem by restarting my laptop - It was probably an OS glitch.

Many thanks, and sorry to trouble you with it.