Full Screen MixConsole?

Hi all,

Just updated to 8.0.

The option to make the MixConsole fullscreen is not there anymore. In 7.5, you could right-click on the MixConsole window and tell it to fullscreen at a specific monitor screen, but not in 8.0?

Anyone else experiencing this?

Mac Pro 2009 4,1
OSX 10.8.5
MOTU 828Mk3

Hi musicalcharlie,

with the new principle of Windows Handling you can actually maximize the MixConsole without maximizing any of the other windows, i.e. the project window or the editors. So fullscreen should not be needed anymore.

Hope this helps!

I understand you can maximize the Mix Console, or the Project Window to full-screen on ONE screen of a dual monitor setup.

How would I go about to exactly stretch the Project Window over both screens? That does not seem possible. Also why is the top taskbar (File, Edit, Project, etc.) either just a bar on the top (and can’t be stretched over both monitors) or a fullscreen grey (and useless) window on one monitor? I want it to either cover both monitors (is that possible) or stretch the bar at the top over both monitors.

What’s going on here?

thanks for your input! However (and I don’t want to seem pedantic…), you lose a bit of valuable scree estate with the window title bar, right?

Yes, this has been removed from Mac. Shame.

That’s a shame, it was a good feature to dedicate a screen fully to the MixConsole. No title bars made it look extra nice and professional.

They should bring this feature back to the MAC!!!

Screw MAC, they should bring it back to Windows as that’s where the Pros are :wink:

Yes, you do lose a very small amount of screen space without the old Full Screen MixConsole feature BUT the window handling is most definitely an improvement. For example, opening the cross fade window no longer causes the project window to be de-maximised. I’m very happy to see this change!

ahhh, finally! worth the upgrade price alone… :wink:

Agreed! :smiley:

Hi islandmusicpro,

yes, I can understand that, but that is how this new design works at the moment I’m afraid. All in all, as you can read on other posts here, it is an improvement, don’t you think?

We are definitely not done here, there is still a lot to do and we welcome all your feedback. If you can think of a nice way to improve this new design, you can post your suggeastions in the Feature Requests Forum. If most of you feel like this should be addressed, we will definitely look into it.

All the best

While I really like the new windows system (specially for the fades editor :smiley: ) I think there should still be a always on top option for the mixer- If youre working on one screen (I do it quite frequently with a laptop when not in-house) the mixer dissappears behind the arrange window and you have to pres the F3 key again to show it or the Window/… menu.

Regards J

thanks for your continuing feedback!
Yes, I like the new system, and it seems that folks with multi-monitor setups have less issues this time around.
Thanks for the hard word, keep it up!


I’d like to have it back. Please!!!
Why should full screen mode not be needed anymore??
If I use Mixconsole I want just that to be seen. No need for project name or menu bar.
Screen estate is not really what matters, it’s about esthetic and being fully into mixing.
Yes I’m on a MacBook Pro - one screen setup.
I actually was hoping for a complete full screen mode for the whole program. We have F3 for toggling the windows.
Regards, Steven

Where the hell is my Full Screen mixer on my second monitor ???..

while i am at it … one really Annoying thing that I’ve found

i want to Use Configurations and switch between them from my CC121

example … Master Faders mixerconfig1… Drum Tracks mixerconfig2… Guitar Tracks mixerconfig3

to use configurations i have to Click on my Second Monitors screen window then press the function button on the CC121 for the mixer i want and this is Slow, Tedious and i might as well just use the mouse and sell the cc121
configs don’t seem to remember the Width Settings for the Mixer Channels … and that TOTALY SUCKS! its like having a a Car with auto every thing but can’t remember the seat setting for each driver … obviously configs are the same old deal …

so lets try layouts what a cool idea … it does not work for me either unexpected things happen mixers in the wrong place and it leads me to utter chaos with windows again…

so instead I’m using multiple cubase mixers asigned to the CC121 function1 for mixer1 function2 for mixer2 and function3 for mixer3 … i can’t imagine running 3 mix consoles is faster than running 1 mix console

this arrangement kind of works … except when i close Mixer 1 it continues to reopen on the wrong Monitor covering my Tracks so it send me back to mousing around my monitors moving windows and resizing again and this is NOT good when your hot on an IDEA for a song …

this aint rocket science … and difficult i know theres some bugs to be ironed out with 8 but … were not talking about something new… so please… just give us back full screen and add the extra Send message on the CC121 software to SELECT the mixer then Call the config … Right now its tedious and horrible my workflow has slowed again …ugg

Typical .0 release stuff. Give it another 6 months and things will look better.

I just double-click on top of mixer window and I get full screen (PC, W7-64)

He means, the full screen from 7.x that has no borders.

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