Full screen mode for Supervision

As the title says, im sure it’s been asked before, i run a 3 screen setup and the 3rd screen is a small 10" just for Supervision but every time i reopen the project it loses its size settings and im sure a full screen mode would resolve this.
loads of different resolutions have been tried but all with the same outcome

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That’s one of those little things that don’t seem to matter much but drive you nuts if you run into them daily. Saved in a Workspace config it seems to work, but if you open Supervision as a ‘fresh’ insert it even ignores the “saved as default”-(size-)settings.

I have supervision on 2K small monitor like yourself on my control room inserts and it’s not losing it’s size settings for me.

Have you got it as part of your template?

Exactly that, not a Biggy but it will certainly be handy

I have it saved as a workspace , im not looking for a 'fix ’ or 'workaround ’ im asking for a feature

Full-screen would be great, wonder if it would run marginally better too as I know graphic heavy apps historically do.

Not to mention, it would look pretty sweet too… :slight_smile: