Full screen mode?

Maybe I just missed it…
Is there a way to make Dorico in full screen mode (no dock, no border…)?
I run Dorico on a cheap Surface Go and it would make a nice reader/proof reader in full screen.

Press F11.

You can also hide all side panels via Ctrl-6, 7, 8, and 9.

I mean full (!)-full screen , with nothing but a page preview.
Every pixel saved is good on a 10 inches screen

This is the max you can do, sorry:

the max.png

Dan, you can do slightly better than that if you hide the panels in Print mode :wink:

It’s not necessarily better, because you can’t zoom. So you’ll be viewing with significant margins, most likely.

Alright then - Setup mode!

Can you also get a slight increase by switching off the “Show Tabs” via the toolbar?
Geoff D.

You can use a pdf viewer after “printing” a score.

Sure I can. I use MobileSheets and it’s a lovely cross platform software. What I’d like to do is to use Dorico at rehearsals and correct errors as I see them and instantly update the pdfs for the band.
The Surface Go is not well suited for complete production but is quite good for small edits.