Full screen mode

Full screen mode please.

Here here! If Cubase could also store on what monitors what mixers were fullscreen and what desktop for mac that would be awesome.

Ableton Live, Presonus Studio and even Reaper has it!
So why not Cubase? :confused:

The might have a backlog where they need to state defensive,disruptive and differentiate. For a mature software package it is not always easy to add more bang for the buck so management looks for the differentiators (so not what others have) and disruptive (something they definately do not have) features. This often means that in a mature market the feature that are in others, are not always incorporated in the new version. I agree though that it should have the good also from the others. Defensive does not mean invaluable.

really I miss the full screen!!!

Yes, full screen is a good idea. Important for use on a tablet. Moreover there could be a button which closes the Windows taskbar.