Full screen on Mac splits Dorico in two

Hi folks,
I have a fully updated iMac pro desktop with M1 chip that runs Dorico beautifully, except for one thing. When I open it in full screen, it opens it twice. In one place, to the right as you scroll over, it opens it in full screen as intended with all applications on a mac. But the weird thing is that the MacOS tools like File, Edit, Tools, View, etc. are back on another instance of Dorico on the main desktop of the computer. This is really weird, and you have to do a bunch of back and forth between the two screens. I’ve attached the screenshots above. Help? I should mention this is the Dorico 3.1.10, not the most updated version.

I’m not sure I can quite follow what you’re reporting. When you swipe to the right to the Space that contains the full-screen Dorico window, you should be able to simply bring the mouse pointer to the top of the screen to make the menu bar appear and choose things from the menu. Does that not happen? You really have to swipe back to the original Space to access the menu bar?

You mention using an iMac pro desktop with M1 chip but as of today the only iMac to include the M1 has been the 24" iMac and I’m assuming this is the computer we are talking about. I have no advice as to why you are having the noted problem but suspect that knowing what computer you have may be relevant to the problem’s solution.

Exactly, sorry that wasn’t clear. Wasn’t sure how to word it. When I bring the mouse up to the top to make the bar appear nothing happens, so I have to swipe back to the main desktop where a strange second full screen dorico exists that has the bar there permanently on the top. You’ll also see in the screenshot above that the MacOS toolbar at the bottom floats permanently on top as well. It’s very weird.

Correct, 24 inch desktop.

I’d be interested to know if you experience the same behaviour with Dorico 3.5. Are you willing and able to download the trial version and give it a go?