Full Screen Plugin Windows and window behaviour

With the arrival of Superior Drummer 3, 3 days ago, toontrack as come up with an amazing plugin with detachable windows for mixer, grooves and tracker. All those windows can be resized, scaled and can be set to full screen on double click. They act as a normal window and respond to all of windows 10’s shortcuts and can be snapped to corners and half screens. It is simply amazing.

My only issue is that the main plugin window cannot be full screened because it is handled by Cubase and Cubase does not offer full screen plugins window support on double clicks or snapping of any kind. You have to manually scale them by grabbing the window corners. More and more plugins are allowing full screen, resizing and scaling so I think it’s time that Steinberg addresses this and enable all it’s windows to act as a window should.


Yup… +1

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I just noticed that the EWQL Play 5 engine can go full screen depending of “Always on top” setting. It’s kind of funny because Play 5 is not even re-sizable. It can none the less be set to full screen leaving a black area around the plugin (see attachment). Why can’t the re-sizable plugins like Kontakt, Superior Drummer 3, Analog Lab etc… do this?

Would this means that it is already possible and is up to the plugin’s design teams?