Full-screen track volume edit window on 2nd screen?

Cubase 11: I have a 3-monitor setup, and have always used one of the monitors for a full-screen view of the volume edit window (corresponding to the track I’ve highlighted in the main window), as the full-screen version shows a larger volume range than in the narrow automation window on the main screen, and also allows for very fine adjustments. However, I’ve lost all my shortcuts, and can’t remember how to bring up the full-screen volume editor. Any ideas? Thanks.


Are you talking about the Channel Settings Window? Or do you mean the track’s Volume automation? Could you be more specific, please? What kind of track(s) do you use?

Since nothing in Cubase is actually named this, folks are not sure what you are referring to. Perhaps a screen pic of the Window would be useful. Is this for Audio, MIDI, or both?

Are you using Workspaces?

My apologies – Reading it over, I realize my question didn’t make any sense. The actual problem that I did have has been solved. thank you!

Thanks for your response; see my reply below.