Full Screen View

I noticed (and was surprised) that the full screen view isn’t meant as an global option for WaveLab,
instead it acts on every workspace (audio files window, audio montage window, etc.)

Is this intended, does this makes sense, or wouldn’t a global option for the application
make more sense ?

The full screen mode is very related to the operating system windows, this is why it is “per workspace”. I don’t know how easy or not it would be to make it “global”.

OK, I was just curious,
as it was not the behaviour that I expected,
but really it’s nothing serious to care about.

I hope you don’t mind me asking sometimes stupid questions about
those stupid little things…


Questions are never stupid :wink:

I would prefer the typical Lion-style arrow in the upper right corner, making all workspaces full screen. Well, what I would really prefer is a single workspace in a single window, regardless of which “view” I’m in! Not sure if that’s possible.

I’ve noticed that WaveLab crashes like crazy on my new Mac Mini i7 server when I use full screen. I always make sure each workspace is NOT in full screen mode. The most obvious example is if the montage is in full screen, and audio files isn’t, when I render regions from the montage, it crashes. This leads to more crashes as I try to re-open WL7 and pull each affected workspace out of full screen mode.

I’m getting lots of crashes beyond that, but most so far have been related to full screen view.


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