Full Symphony Orchestra - Saving - 6 seconds delay?


A question for the Dorico users writing for full symphony orchestra.

Is it normal that every time I save, it is taking 7 seconds delay (spinning ball) before I can resume work again?

Is there any thing I can do to speed this up so there is not this such a delay? I am just using the HALion SONIC SE that Dorico comes with.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!


It can take a few seconds to save the state of your loaded VST instruments, though I would expect on a Mac Pro with (I assume) high-speed SSD storage it should be about as quick as it’s possible to be. How many instances of HALion are loaded in Play mode?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much now for chiming in.

I have 3 instances opened, and I have a 6 core Mac Pro, with an SSD, but it is still taking 7 seconds every time I save.
Thanks again,

Can you try doing File > Save As to save a copy of your project, then in Play mode go and remove each instance of HALion Sonic SE either by clicking the trash can to delete them or by choosing the ‘—’ entry from the list of installed plug-ins on your system, then save the project and see how quickly it saves?

OK, indeed, I will try this and report back!

Many thanks again!

Hi Daniel,

I tried what you suggested (deleted all instances of HALion) and indeed there was no delay with the saving. So the delay is clearly a VST issue…like you suspected.

While we are on the topic of delay, I am also having latency issues when I play in music. There is really slow response from Dorico. Can you suggest ways that this could be improved?

Is there a settings preference to improve this?

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Do you mean latency when you enter notes on a MIDI keyboard? If so this is something that is fixed in the next update

That is exactly right.

So does this mean it will be fixed in the next update AFTER version 1.0.30 correct?

Thank you!

Yes, that’s right: it will be improved in the next update, coming later in the spring.

Great news!
Thank you

I tried what you suggested (deleted all instances of HALion) in an imported xml file from Sibelius, but I still have to wait many seconds saving and working on this file. I have also made a support ticket one month ago (#23474) but didn’t hear anything yet.


I got your file from support earlier and had a look - I think you’ll have had a reply from them now?
I don’t know for certain, but the delay may well have been that support were heavily involved with manning the Messe.

Thank you very much; I did have a reply now.
But my question is still: I deleted all instances of Halion but I still have to wait many seconds saving and deleting players from a flow.
Can you affirm this behaviour on that file?

I think it was 3-4 seconds, yes.