full VSTi track presets, with inserts and eq

where do I go in cubase to find instrument presets that includes a VSTi instrument with Inserts and eq ?

in Logic X there are presets that load an instrument with insert effects and eq.

so far the presets that i find in cubase are either just EQ or just inserts or just VSTi.


These are named Track Presets in Cubase. You can find all of these in MediaBay or in the Track Inspector (the first Track Name tab), you can find No Track Preset. Click here to see the list fo Track Presets.

when i select instrumenat track preset from create new track form preset it only gived me options for some instruments but all of them load without any inserts or eq presets, just loads halion sonic se with the instrument preset in halion sonic se


I didn’t point to the Add Track dialog. I pointed to Load Track Preset field in the Inspector of already existing (empty) track.

  • Add Instrument Track.
  • In the Add Track dialog select No VST Instrument.
  • Click to the Load Track Preset field.


  • Open MediaBay
  • Select Track Preset in the Show Media Type field.
  • Sort by Plug-in name, if you want to.

this only loads vsti with preset but no inserts or EQ.

this almost works,
only shows (and loads) sampler track presets, but with inserts and eq


Have you tried your own presets? Or just a factory presets? Might be there are no this type of factory presets in Cubase (I’m sorry, I don’t know the factory content very well).

I didnt save any of my presets yet. you sure that cubase doesnt have these ? thats hard to believe for such expensive DAW not to have this. Logic had this long time ago


I’m not sure about it…

At the other hand, I can imagine all the sounds design is made just in the instrument. No external FXs needed for that sound. If course, you can add any, if you want to.

I don’t why then they include vsti instrument presets as vsti track presets in the browser when it’s without effects or eq, when it’s just simply a preset patch from a vsti instrument, that’s the same as to load a vst instrument and load that preset from it’s browser…